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Connect Physical Therapy and Wellness was developed to provide true patient-centered physical therapy.  Our mission is to provide the highest standard of care, safely and efficiently, while always maintaining our clients’ goals as the highest priority. 


Connect provides the support needed to each person we work with through both traditional physical therapy, and by working with other health care and wellness professionals to address recovery with a multidirectional approach.  Connect believes health and wellness lies on a continuum, and will help guide our clients towards a range of treatments or services to achieve their goals.


Why Connect

  • Complete one-on –one treatment with an experienced physical therapist

  • Communication with your therapist outside of your scheduled appointment times

  • Treatment in a beautiful, state of the art health club

  • Efficient use of your time

  • Complete wellness model, with the therapist facilitating communication between others involved in your recovery, including personal trainers, Pilates instructors, physicians, or massage therapists, for example

  • Flexible appointment times including weekends and evenings


Who should get Connected

  • Clients who have schedule constraints and need flexible hours for physical therapy

  • Anyone who has pain, with our without working out, that has not been diagnosed or treated

  • Those who have had a treated injury in the past and it has re-occurred

  • Clients interested in learning injury prevention techniques for their workouts

  • Clients who have postural related discomfort while at work

  • Those who have never exercised, or are getting back after a break, and want to learn how to safely workout







Tel: +1 (202) 297-8965





We are located within the health club, MINT Health Club and Spa. Please enter off K Street.


1001 16th Street NW
Suite 101
Washington, DC 20036





Farragut North

Farragut West

McPherson Square





Hours available Monday through Saturday by appointment.


Please contact Connect PT to set up an appointment that works with your schedule.

1001 16th Street NW, Suite 101, Washington DC 20036

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