Therapist Biography


Dana N Logan
MS, Physical Therapy. Washington University in St. Louis. 2000
PT, Exercise Physiology. Miami University in Ohio. 1998.


For me, physical therapy is more than just a career.  It is a way of life.  Physical wellbeing influences every aspect of daily living.  I realized this at a young age when going through injuries of my own.  Through my own personal challenges I discovered physical therapy and never veered off path of pursuing it as a career.


After graduating with a Master’s degree in physical therapy I moved to Washington DC to start my career as an orthopedic physical therapist.  Ten years later I am incredibly fortunate to love both my profession and living in DC.  I have spent the majority of my professional life in out-patient orthopedic settings treating injuries ranging from total joint replacements, overuse injuries, surgical repairs, to chronic pain, balance disorders, high level neurological conditions, and TMJ.  I have found the cliental in DC to be both highly motivated and active, and the return to sport or recreational activities to be a critical part of their life.  As a physical therapist these are wonderful patients to work with.  I am so excited to bring my skills and experience to my own clinic, to assist my clients in their return to wellness.


Through my career I have managed several out-patient clinics in DC, worked in rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and hospital settings.  I am part of a continuing education company for practicing therapists.  With this I am able to lecture around the country and design online educational material.  I have co-authored articles in our professional literature, and I am dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments in physical therapy.


In 2009 I received a specialty certification in geriatric physical therapy.  While I do not treat this patient population exclusively, I do believe people of all ages deserve the best in care to reach the level of physical function which they desire.


In 2011 the timing seemed just right for a new professional direction and I was ready to take my skills and experience to the next level. With this new direction Connect Physical Therapy and Wellness opened to serve the DC community.






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We are located within the health club, MINT Health Club and Spa. Please enter off K Street.


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Hours available Monday through Saturday by appointment.


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1001 16th Street NW, Suite 101, Washington DC 20036

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