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This is your first session with the physical therapist.  Time will be spent gathering information about what brings you to therapy including pertinent medical history.  A complete musculoskeletal evaluation will follow with appropriate strength, flexibility, range of motion, and other specific tests depending on the area of injury.  At this time a treatment plan is set between you and the therapist, which may include home exercises, a referral to a physician, follow up therapy, or modifications to your workout, for example.

An Initial Evaluation is approximately a 60 minute session.


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Physical Therapy Treatment Session - [ $120 ]


Any treatment you have with the therapist following your initial evaluation is considered a treatment session.  The time will be spent specifically addressing your injury which may include, but is not limited to, manual stretching, joint mobilizations, therapeutic massage, specific strengthening exercises, or neuromuscular re-training.  Education and modifications to your workout and/or daily routine continues as needed.  The goal is to get you independent in your care, in the safest and most efficient way possible.  If you choose the therapist will be in active discussions with other wellness or medical providers you use.

Treatment Sessions are approximately 60 minutes.


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Injury Prevention Assessment - [ $125 ]


A healthy body may have areas vulnerable to injury.  The prevention assessment is designed to identify these areas and teach you how to protect yourself and minimize injury risk.  The assessment consists of a complete strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion, and postural evaluation.  This information is combined with pertinent medical history, as well as your fitness goals, to provide you with adjunct exercises to enhance your current routine.  You will receive a written report of the findings.


Injury Prevention Assessments are approximately 60 minutes.


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Return to Gym Workout - [ $110 ]


If you are just returning to the gym after taking a break, new to the gym, or getting back after an injury, then this is designed for you.  You will work with the physical therapist to help design a safe and progressive workout to get you back into the gym.  The therapist will take into account your past history and your goals, to set up a safe workout for you. 

Return to Gym Workout Design is approximately 60 minutes.


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Ergonomic Evaluation - [ $150 ]


If you spend hours a day at your desk, you want to consider how your desk is set up.  Neck, back, wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain can be linked to improper posture at your desk.  This ergonomic evaluation brings the physical therapist to your office to assess your set up, make any changes that can be made on the spot, or recommend changes to improve your alignment.  The evaluation also includes instructions on stretches that can be done during the work day to help with postural pain.


Ergonomic Evaluations can be done in most downtown locations.  The time needed at your office is about 30 minutes.  Recommendations can be made through email after the evaluation, so your day is not interrupted for more time than necessary.


Please set up with evaluation directly with the physical therapist, Dana Logan.


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