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"Dana Logan is without question the best physical therapist I have ever worked with in the District and beyond. She has helped me recover from several stubborn sports and work-related injuries. Literally and figuratively, Dana is a hands-on therapist, making the most of every minute of every session. She also takes a holistic approach to rehabilitation, helping her patients with everything from exercise to ergonomics to diet in order to enhance their recovery between visits. Put simply, Dana goes above and beyond for her patients. I had never had success in physical therapy until I met Dana. I hope that I never get injured again, but if I do, I know that Dana will be there to help me every step of the way."

- Stephanie K


"Dana is an outstanding physical therapist! She has an incredibly detailed knowledge of the body and how to treat different injuries. She always understands how to work with me, wherever my body is that day, to get back to my normal activities and manage/eliminate my symptoms. She genuinely listens to me explain what's going on and gives me her full attention during treatment, and she is always careful to make sure that physical therapy is actually helping me rather than making my problem worse. She is also great at explaining to me what is going on in my body so I understand how to take care of myself better. Most importantly, she is very caring and compassionate, and gentle while being extremely effective. I have recommended her to numerous friends and colleagues. She is the best!"

- Elizabeth T


"I had been seeing a physical therapist for years after separating a shoulder in a bike race.  Pain would come and go, and I couldn't really tell if I was making progress.  Then, a friend referred me to Dana Logan and swore by her approach.  I met with Dana, literally, three times, and I haven't had an issue with that shoulder in six months.  She asked a ton of questions, took her time to really figure out what was wrong, put in the effort to calm the inflammation so I could exercise, and completely changed my rehab routine (which I'm maintaining, of course!).  I had absolutely no idea how much difference there could be from one therapist to another."

- Jeff D


“I have been treated by Dana for a shoulder problem that has limited my ability to perform my normal recreational activities.  She has exceptional manual hands-on skills and an in-depth understanding of the biomechanics of movement.  Dana instructed and progressed me through an exercise program to regain my motion, strength and endurance.  She has been instrumental in guiding me through the rehabilitation process, allowing me to return to my desired activity level.”

- Tom B






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